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Personal Financial Planning Driven by Purpose 




Our Community at 

Briggs Run Capital

By curious, we mean those looking to diligently understand how each of their dollars relates to their family’s aspirations and the world around them. Our community of clients is driven to dig into the weeds of their financial lives—sprouting greater financial knowledge as a result.

our community is composed of:

Everyday heroes-Academic and Medical Professionals Charlotte, NC Briggs Run Capital

Everyday Heroes

Academic & Medical Professionals

You wake up everyday dedicated to helping others. You teach. You coach. You heal our families. We help you experience financial clarity, so you can stay committed to your essential work—and relax in your free time.

Innovative Warriors

Research & Agricultural Professionals

You feed people. You invent new ways to grow food. You’re searching to find the latest disease-prevention techniques. You want to stay focused on making the world a healthier, more efficient place—not stressing over your 401(k).

Innovative Warriors-Research & Agricultural Professionals Charlotte, NC Briggs Run Capital

Aware Allies-Sustainable & Responsible Investors Charlotte, NC Briggs Run Capital

Aware Allies

Sustainable & Responsible Investors

You’re aiming to do your part for the world around us. We believe that through education, you can align your portfolio and daily financial decisions with what matters most to you.

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How It Works

Together, We’ll Craft a Financial Landscape

Rooted in What You & Your Family Care About

Our Approach: 

Simply Put, Every Dollar Should Have a Job  

100% Virtual - Fee Only - Personal Fiduciary Planning

Asset Location

By getting to know you, your family and goals, a dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ will partner with you to coordinate your wealth and make sure your income and assets are aligned efficiently towards your financial well-being, both now and in the future.


We’ll analyze your portfolio and help you understand and align your risk appetite to your goals. Then, a Chartered SRI Counselor ™ will make recommendations and help you choose investments that are in sync with your purpose.

Does your portfolio fit you?


We’re dedicated to cultivating your financial knowledge over time. In this way, we become your co-pilot when it comes to making decisions you fully understand and feel confident about. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you are in control of your wealth.

What Do You Want Your
Money’s Purpose To Be?

You & Your Family

Maybe you’d like to…

  • Buy your first or second home (or that get-away mountain home you’ve dreamt of)
  • Pay for a vintage bottle of wine for every annual family campfire
  • Secure steady income for a rejuvenating retirement
  • Support your kids in their educational pursuits
  • Set up future generations for success

Community & World

Maybe you’d like to…

  • Better Understand the Sustainability and Impact of your portfolio
  • Reduce Fossil Fuel Investments
  • Support Socially Responsible Businesses
  • Donate to a local organization
  • Advance Medicine and Science

Helping You Find Greater Fulfillment & Lasting Peace of Mind

While Growing Your Wealth

Whatever your ambitions are, we’re here as your partner to make sure every penny of yours is working towards a purpose that you define.

Join Our Community 


Subscription-Based Services 

Catered to Your Needs

We create meaningful partnerships with our members through a monthly subscription. We offer 2 Financial Wellness Paths determined by your needs and level of complexity, not your level of wealth.
Here’s what they may look like:

Path 1


Designed for Younger Families and Investors that want to understand how financial decisions today can empower them to live a future on their terms.

Features Include

  • Short and Long Term Goal Analysis
  • Money Mapping & Budget Coaching
  • Student Loan & Debt Management
  • Child Education Planning
  • Home Ownership & Life Planning
  • Employer Benefit Maximization
  • Insurance Essentials
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Guidance

Path 2


Designed for Higher Income Earners/Pre-Retirees/Retirees looking to maximize their wealth and know what is possible.

Features Include

  • Retirement Income Projection and Distribution Strategies
  • Early Retirement Options 
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Medical and Long-Term Care Coordination
  • Tax Efficiency & Asset Location Guidance
  • Philanthropy & Gifting Strategies
  • Detailed Portfolio Risk Analytics & Model Recommendations
  • Legacy and Estate Plan Review

Cancel at any time | No upfront costs or commitments

You pay us your hard-earned income, which is why we strive to meet and exceed your expectations on a consistent basis. If BRC is not delivering for your family, send us packing.  

Getting Started

Before deciding to partner together, we have an initial consultation to help you and us decide if BRC is right for you. We’ll also talk about which subscription makes the most sense for your needs and how joining our BRC community can help you harmonize your wealth with what matters most to you.

Schedule Your Conversation

Personalized Financial Planning

for a Tomorrow You’ll Feel Good About

Connect with Us

We’d love to see how we can help you orient your hard-earned money towards all that brings you and your family meaning. We work 100% Virtual so we can better meet with you on your terms. 

If Briggs Run Capital sounds like something you might want to be a part of—and you're ready to be actively engaged in the impact of your money—schedule a call or fill out the form below. 

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